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You’re Breaking These Laws Without Even Knowing It

You might be very surprised to learn you’ve broken some of these following laws, and perhaps multiple times! Some you might know are illegal, you just honestly forget, others might be interesting to know: Jaywalking – you probably forget this one all the time. You jaywalk every week, everyone does! Sometimes the police don’t care, […]

The Booking Process: 9 Steps

The booking process, in legal jargon, happens after someone is arrested. It can take a few hours for the process to be completed, depending how many people are being booked, and how many items need to be completed for each person. In general, here is what can happen: The jail will take down the details […]

How Much Will A Bail Bond Cost?

While a bail bond can still be a costly item for you, it might be helpful and hopefully a little relieving to know that paying the full bail cost is 10 times more than the bail bond. On top of that, courts only accept certain forms of payment, whereas bail bond companies like ours, Gardena […]

The Cost Of An Arrest Is More Than A Fine And/ Or Jail Time

Anyone who is ever arrested for something always underestimates the costs and consequences they face. They anticipate possible fines and jail time but they may not consider bail money, attorney fees, medical expenses, and potential lawsuits filed by another party, like a victim’s family. Other expenses the defendant may have to pay for include getting […]

Orange County Bail Bond Store Will Bring Your Whole Family Together For The Holidays

This time of year is harder for families than other times of the year when there is legal drama keeping members apart and at spats. But at the same time, this is the time of year that brings them closer, once they get over the initial issue(s). And with the help of Orange County Bail […]

Helpful Ways To Save And Recoup Money For Bail

Paying for a bail bond means meeting monthly payments. While easier and more affordable than the straight bail option, some people might still be stretched thin on money. Here are some helpful ways to save and recoup money for bail: Move bank accounts to gain the most benefits and highest interest Buy essentials and use […]

When A Citizen, Not A Police Officer, Will Make An Arrest

There are certain situations where a citizen will make an arrest because the police are not present to do so. These are considered citizen’s arrests. Citizen’s arrests are mostly for felonies. They can occur for misdemeanors if the misdemeanor involved a breach of peace. In order to carry out a citizen’s arrest, the crime must […]

Reporting A Crime: Moral Or Legal Obligation?

If someone witnesses a crime or learned of later, they morally should report it, but legally do not have to. Why wouldn’t someone report a crime they have knowledge of? Safety of themselves and their loved ones, or just not wanting to get involved. Here are some exceptions to this. A person can be prosecuted […]

The Rich And Famous Use Bail Bond Store Too

Just because someone is rich and famous (or just rich) doesn’t mean they always get special treatment. Just like every other citizen, celebrities don’t get away with crimes because of their social status. This still need to pay their financial dues and maybe even be jailed. You’d be surprised to learn just how many celebrities […]

The Signs Of Someone With A Secret

Do you know the signs of someone who needs help, but won’t be the one to ask for it or admit it? Doing so can be difficult for them and perhaps they’re secretly hoping for someone to notice they seem off. Here are some things that you might notice: Reserved – they spend more time […]

Your Happiness Matters Most To Ontario Bail Bond Store

Ontario Bail Bond Store is a reliable name in California. Regarded as one of the best performing and most affordable bail bond companies in the state, Ontario Bail Bond Store promises to give every client all their effort into getting a loved one out of jail quickly. Ontario Bail Bond Store has been in the […]

Being Released On Own Recognizance

Most people who are released from jail during their trial period have to pay bail. Some people however, do not. These people are released on what is called “own recognizance” and all they do is sign a paper promising they will show up for court when they are needed, understanding that if they do not, […]