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The Secret To Bailing Your Loved One Out Of Jail

The secret to bailing your loved one out of jail really isn’t much of a secret. It just happens to be hidden in plain sight, under common sense, if you will. It’s not about the cost or the crime or the location. It’s about finding the best bail bond company and agent that will help […]

Being An Immigrant In The U.S.

Living as an immigrant (especially an undocumented one) is pretty terrifying, we bet. Every day. But, immigrants do have special rights that protect them, to some degree. And we can’t stress enough how imperative it is to know these rights. You have the right to remain silent. You do not have to discuss your immigration […]

We Get What You’re Going Through

No, this is not part of our standardized customer service procedures. Our team, our family here at Irvine Bail Bond Store really does understand what you’re going through. While not all of us (120+ agents and representatives) have been in the exact same situations you are in, some of us have. Yep, some of our […]

This Could Happen To Anyone, Including You

There are so many things in life we can prepare for (and that’s great), but there are some things we cannot foresee, such as suddenly needing to bail someone who you love out of jail. Just like we tell ourselves that “I’ll never be one to get into a car accident” or “I won’t be […]

What Is Acceptable Bail Bond Collateral?

A common necessity to secure a bail bond is to get collateral for it. The collateral is pledged, kind of like a ransom, if you will. As long as the defendant goes to court as scheduled, collateral for the bail bond will be returned to the owner. However, if the defendant fails his or her […]

A Criminal History Won’t Necessarily Prohibit You From Voting In The Next Election

With the presidential election of 2016 coming up next year (you’re definitely hearing more and more about it in the news), you might be wondering if you or someone in particular would be eligible to vote. The reason you are not sure: because of the existence of a criminal history. Well, having a criminal background […]

California, Marijuana, And The Law

As lax as the police and the people might seem about marijuana in California, the drug is still technically not legalized in the state of California. That means you can be arrested and charged for growing, owning, distributing/ selling, and smoking marijuana unless you have a card, permit, or license for medical reasons. The severity […]

A Minor Detail Can Make A Big Difference

“Thank you Dana Point Bail Bond Store for being there for me. Very nice staff and good service!” “Great service. They really simplified the process!” “She is very helpful. Alexa is a saint. She does good work.” These are just a few of the many nice things people have said about Dana Point Bail Bond […]

If You’re Going To Settle, Settle For The Best: Yorba Linda Bail Bond Store

On the surface level, what you want is a bail bond for your loved one, right? But deeper down you know that not just any bail bond company will suffice. Not every bail bond company will meet the nitty gritty details that you want and deserve. Are you just going to settle for any bail […]

Bail Bond Agents Are Mean, Scary, And Intimidating – That’s A Myth!

Let’s get one thing straight: bail bond agents aren’t intimidating and mean thug-like people. (Don’t worry, that’s a common misconception across the board.) Bail bond agents, just like the ones who work at Orange County Bail Bond Store, are just your regular everyday people doing their job with passion and care. At least at Orange […]

You ARE Innocent Until Proven Guilty

No matter what, when you are arrested, you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty. The “proven guilty” part occurs in court (or not guilty), which happens of course, after you are arrested. Because of this, you cannot be punished by sitting in jail forever (except under extreme circumstances where the judge will not grant […]

Bail First, Then Maybe You May Travel A Bit

When you bail your loved one out of jail in cash or with a bail bond, you need to keep track of his or her court schedule. Making all court appearances is a critical condition of release because otherwise, they will be rearrested and put back into jail. Plus, any remainder of the bail will […]