Monthly Archives: January 2016

When Protesters Get Arrested

Earlier this week, there was a protest in Downtown Los Angeles that resulted in 8 people getting arrested for failing to disperse. Many others were not arrested because they acted more obediently with the police. When a group wants to protest, they certainly have the right to. They have rights, but at the same time, […]

Your Tax Return Is Really Going To Your Loved One For Bail

You may only be in possession of your tax return for a short period of time, but if you quickly turn it around and use it towards your next bail bond payment, you’ll reap the benefits so much more and you won’t regret not being able to use that money for other uses, especially if […]

A Bail Bond Store Company That Works 24/7

You might not be surprised that the police arrest some people on New Years Eve. They’ve been drinking too much, got behind the wheel when they shouldn’t have, might’ve been too rowdy in public. Just because we’re celebrating a new year doesn’t mean everyone gets the night off. The police are working that night, nurses […]

Dealing With Bail and Family

When someone in the family has been arrested, there is no doubt that there will be tension and stress. The mix of emotions will clutter everyone’s vision for awhile but all should have the same final goal: bail that loved one out of jail and stand together and support one another through this difficult time. […]

What You Need To Know About California’s New Gun Laws

Owning a gun requires a high level of maturity and responsibility. Too much tragedy occurs with the misuse of a gun, one that is in the hands of an unstable person. Now, in California, family members can take more action in preventing their gun-owning loved ones from making an awful mistake, if they have an […]

Tax Refunds For Bail: A Smart Choice

It should really be a no brainer to use some, if not all, of your tax return money for your loved one’s bail bond payment. If you have officially and formally agreed to be responsible for his or her bail bond payments, you will need to follow up regularly to ensure that all payments are […]

Understanding California’s Gun Laws

Each state has different gun laws. California is known to have stricter laws than most other states. Here are some: To buy a handgun, you must be 21 years old. You may only purchase a maximum of 1 handgun per month. To buy a rifle or shotgun, you need only be 18 years old. All […]

Court Etiquette Matters

Don’t give a judge any more reason to be harsher with you than he or she will be. You want the judge to take you seriously. And you’ll want to show that you are responsible, coherent, mature, and taking this matter seriously, whether you are guilty or innocent of the crime. Court etiquette matters, so […]

Where You Benefit From Paying For A Bail Bond

A bail bond is going to cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands. It’s all dependent on the bail amount that the judge had set. No matter what bail bond company you approach, you’re going to have to pay up. But, the timeframe you get to pay, how much they charge, and the […]

When Bail Bond Store Really Matter

Understanding bail and bail bonds is probably one of the last things on your mind. It’s not like you are saving up money throughout your years specifically for bail. But that unexpected call happens even to the best people, and suddenly they are scrambling trying to figure out how to bail their loved one out […]

You Can Have Your Loved One Out of Jail at an Affordable Price by Simply Going to Orange County Bail Bond Store

The price of a loved one’s bail tends to intimidate a lot of people, so much so that they do not even try to rescue him or her from jail. They do not realize that they may be able to rescue their loved one from jail if they go to Orange County Bail Bond Store. […]

You Will Always Get Bail Help That You Can Rely On from Irvine Bail Bond Store

When you need to bail someone you care about out of jail, you want only the very best. You want a bail agent that knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to helping you. At Irvine Bail Bond Store, we train our bail bondsmen all the time, which keeps them at the top […]