Don’t Give Up On Your Parents Because They Never Gave Up On You

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No matter how old you get, when you’re in serious trouble, do you know who will always be there for you, no matter what? Your parents. Do not ever give up on them on anything because they will never give up on you.

Say you were arrested, and perhaps this is not the first time you have had a brush with the law. Maybe you need help to pay for a bail bond, or maybe you need help to look after your kids while you are in court. Money or not, you know your parents will be there to take care of you and your family as you get through this ordeal, just as they have every time in the past.

Never stop calling your parents just to chat, Do not stop visiting them, inviting them over for family meals, or to watch your daughter’s dance recital. Never keep them out of the picture.

Your bond with your parents is unimaginably strong at its best and worst. You are a grown adult, but it is perfectly fine to call them up, admit you did something wrong, and ask for their help.

You can also rely on Irvine Bail Bond Store for bail help. We cannot be the ones to physically babysit your young ones, but we can help get you out of jail at a more affordable price.

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Halloween Checkpoints – What to Prepare For

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Halloween for adults is completely different than Halloween for kids. Costumes are still involved, but instead of candy and trick-or-treating, it is going out to clubs and parties, while probably consuming copious amounts of alcohol. There is nothing wrong with that, until drinking and driving is involved.

We hope there will be none of that.

Nonetheless, expect there to be a few DUI checkpoints around the city over Halloween weekend. They are not in place to ruin everyone’s fun, just those who have been drinking and driving.

If you do drive into a checkpoint, follow the officer’s orders: pull over, roll down your window, and answer his or her questions of where you are going, where you are coming from, and if you have been drinking. The officer will then determine if you are coherent enough to drive safely on to your destination, if you must wait a little while at the checkpoint to sober up, or if you have to be arrested.

We hope no one is arrested over Halloween weekend, but just in case you, or someone you know is, and needs help bailing out of jail, please contact us at Irvine Bail Bond Store so we can assist with bail.

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How To React When You Learn Your Loved One Is in Jail

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Coaching someone on how to react when they learn their loved one has been arrested and put into jail is near impossible. For one, no one anticipates such a call or has time to prepare themselves on how to react when they get the call. Secondly, it is such a heavy situation that all kinds of emotions will run high and low. Each person has a different personality and demeanor. Each defendant’s arrest situation will be different. Here are some tips we like to provide our clients with that might help you guide how you react when you pick your loved one up from jail after bailing him or her out.

  • Express relief and be sure to show your love and support. More than likely, your loved one will already feel embarrassed, ashamed, and absolutely disgusted with him or herself and the overall situation. They will need your support.
  • Release verbal anger only when you are in private. Avoid lashing out at him or her in front of others. That is not going to do anyone any good and there is no point in making him or her feel more embarrassed and ashamed than he or she already is. Plus, it makes everyone else feel awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Offer your advice on how to best move forward and prepare for the next few days and weeks. Suggest therapy or counseling. If he or she is responding well to your advice, offer to do some research and help him or her get in touch.
  • Spend more time with him or her. This is a big way to show your love and support, but it also lets you keep a closer eye on him or her and see that he or she does not get into additional trouble. You can also look out for signs if he or she is still feeling rotten.
  • Remind him or her that this was just a one-time mistake, and not a true reflection of the type of person that he or she really is. The type of person that he or she really is, is a good, honest person. This arrest is not the end of his or her life.
  • There is no predicting what exactly will happen from the moment you bail your loved one out of jail, but we do hope things run as smoothly and progressively as possible. If, and when, you need bail bond help, call up Irvine Bail Bond Store at 714-648-0586 or chat with a professional online. We are here to help you, help your loved one.

    Major Bail Bond Benefits You May Not Know About

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    Being in jail is simply sitting around all day doing and nothing, having a few just-okay meals, and being allowed outside, maybe, for a few hours. Other than that, there is not much to it, pretty boring and miserable. As silly as it sounds, being in jail is actually hard work.

    • If they want to make a phone call, get soap or new shirts, or write to family and friends, they need to have money to pay for it. In addition, it is not like they have their bank account at their disposal. These things are not free.
    • Speaking of money, obviously being in jail puts them out of work for a good paycheck. Some inmates may be assigned to different duties and tasks while in jail like doing laundry or cleaning, which will earn them a little bit of money.
    • Inmates will need to figure out how to walk, talk, and act in jail. Jail houses all kinds of criminals from those who are innocent and genuinely kind, to those who are intimidating, those who “run the place.” Learning to stand your ground but also not rub off on anyone the wrong way is important.

    That being said, do you see benefits to using bail bonds to get out of jail? By bailing out of jail, you can stay at your current, well-paying job, you can afford comforts and luxuries, and you do not have to worry about your safety among the other defendants.

    Irvine Bail Bond Store can provide bail bonds for you if and when you need one for yourself or someone you care about. Learn more by talking to one of our bail agents online or 714-648-0586. We are a 24/7 company so when you need us, we will be there.

    3 Tips To Successful Bail

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    Applying for a bail bond is a quick and simple process, but there is no room for error. A bail bond can just as easily be revoked as it is granted, and obviously, no one wants that. Here are 3 important tips to follow when getting a bail bond:

    • Hire a bail bonds agent and company in good standing. Look into the services they offer, what they charge, and their reputation. You want someone who is not just doing this for a paycheck, but someone who will be a reliable, supportive resource and be on your team to help you no matter what.
    • Know the exact contact information, address and phone number, of the defendant. The bail bond company and the court will want this information when they need to contact the defendant. Putting down a false address or phone number, knowingly or unknowingly, can delay processing of paperwork and release. It can also lead to a revoked bail bond.
    • Honor all the terms and conditions of your bail bond. This means showing up on time for all court appointments, obeying any travel and curfew instructions, making all bail bond payments on time, and attending counseling sessions, if the judge orders them. Just one instance of neglect can cause your co-signer to permanently lose his or her pledged collateral and you will be re-arrested and held without bail.

    Everyone wants you to succeed while out on bail, your friends and family, the judge and court, and your Irvine Bail Bond Store team. None of us want to see you fail and taken back into custody. We are all here to support you in the many, ways that we can.

    Irvine Bail Bond Store’s way of supporting you is by providing you with bail bond assistance. Consultations are free and we welcome you to speak with one of our bail agents to get a better feel for what exactly we can do for you.

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    You Cannot Leave Your Gun Just Anywhere in Your Home

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    Grey’s Anatomy recently aired an episode where a young boy accidentally shot his friend because the two found a gun in the home; the gun belonged to one of the parents. No one ever intended any harm, but the gun was poorly stored at home. This episode prompted us to highlight California’s gun storage laws, laws that do not get enough attention as do other gun-related laws.

    California gun owners must keep their firearms locked away in a safe and secure place where others, especially children, cannot get to it. Though it is not a law, but rather a safety measure, gun owners are also encouraged to remove all ammo from the gun. If a loaded gun is kept in an unlocked dresser that any youth or child can access, then the owner is committing criminal storage of a firearm. By the books, they can be punished with fines and jail or prison time. Their conscience may also be punished knowing that because they were careless with the storage of their firearm, they are unintentionally, yet directly responsible, for the injuries or death of another.

    Please talk to us here at Irvine Bail Bond Store if you ever need to get yourself, or another, out of jail because of gun law violations.

    We hope that in your case, bail is an option and if so, we encourage you to bail out of jail with a bail bond. Irvine Bail Bond Store can be reached online or on the phone at 714-648-0586.

    Choose Irvine Bail Bond Store Regardless of Your Income

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    Money and income are a regular topic of discussion for every household. There will always be a constant struggle to make more money to try to live a more pleasurable life. However, it is not always an easy goal, and the road to get there is a struggle. Income is always an issue.

    Income is not an issue to Irvine Bail Bond Store when it comes to bailing a person out of jail. You might think it is a big deal and that you need to have a high income since bail is expensive, but going the bail bond route is different. With Irvine Bail Bond Store, their strategies open the door to all individuals needing a bail bond, regardless of their income.

    Irvine Bail Bond Store is willing to work with all people who need bail bonds. Not only does bailing a loved one out of jail with a bail bond reduce the amount of money you need to pay by 90%, it also means you can pay your dues over a period of time. Plus, Irvine Bail Bond Store will customize payment plans according to each client’s own needs.

    Talk to an Irvine Bail Bond Store professional online today to learn exactly how they can help you, and receive a free consultation. You can also call them at 714-648-0586.

    Irvine Bail Bond Store Will Give You Your Mother’s/ Father’s Day

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    Mother’s and Father’s Days are both approaching and all that is really wanted is a united family. If you have got a loved one in jail who needs bailing out, contact our team here at Irvine Bail Bond Store. We will help you take care of your loved one.

    With our help, you can make sure your Mom or Dad has the best Mother’s and Father’s Day, by bailing out your sibling. You can also make sure your spouse does not miss his or her own Mother’s or Father’s Day. You can see to it that your child does not miss celebrating Mom or Dad.

    So many people can be affected by one person’s arrest, yet that many people can also benefit with our help. Let us help make your Mother’s and Father’s Day the best one yet. Contact Irvine Bail Bond Store online or at 714-648-0586 now.

    There Are Laws Regarding Gun Storage. Did You Know That?

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    All kinds of laws surround California gun owners. There are laws for purchasing and selling guns and there are obviously laws for how guns are used. There are even laws for storing guns, which are no less important to know than all of the other laws about guns are. Storage laws are primarily meant to keep children and strangers from accessing the guns and potentially firing them.

    In California, it is illegal to store a loaded gun in a place where a child can find and reach it. It is a misdemeanor crime to store a loaded gun in a place where a child can access it, which punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. If the incident escalates to where a person is injured or killed, the owner can be put in jail for a few years and fined $10,000. However, the worst punishment in this situation is the injuries sustained, or the death of an innocent person, because the gun was irresponsibly stored.

    If you are a gun owner, be responsible and follow the laws for owning a gun. Do not misuse it and we certainly hope that any serious incidents never occur. However, if you find yourself arrested, Irvine Bail Bond Store may be able to bail you out of jail with an affordable bail bond.

    Keep us in mind. Learn more about bail bonds by Chatting With Us or calling 714-648-0586 to speak with an Irvine Bail Bonds team member.

    Weighing Pros And Cons Of Cash Vs. Bail Bonds

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    When a person is granted bail, they have two ways of paying for it: a cash bond or a bail bond. Here, we weigh both concepts:

    Cash Bond

    • Pay whole bail amount up-front; entire amount must be paid before defendant can be released
    • No third party to deal with
    • Less paperwork
    • Bail is 100% refundable as long as defendant complies with release terms and goes to court; refund comes in check form but often takes a few months to get back
    • If the defendant does not show up in court, you lose your money, and perhaps your relationship and trust with the defendant from there on out; the defendant will be taken back into custody

    Bail Bond

    • Pay only 10-15% of the full bail amount to the bail bond company (third party), but it is not refundable
    • The 10-15% is paid over a payment plan that extends beyond the time of the defendant’s release
    • Cash, credit and debit, and checks are acceptable forms of payment

    Requires collateral and a co-signer who can vouch for the defendant and make sure they meet court dates. If the defendant skips court, the defendant will be taken back into custody, collateral may be taken, and the full bail price may need to be paid by the co-signer.
    Co-signer may take their name off the bail bond at any time they wish if they lose trust in the defendant.
    A professional bail agent will be with you through the whole process so you know exactly what is happening.

    Deciding between the two really comes down to what you can afford. Obviously, you want to get your loved one out as soon as possible, but at the same time, you need to have the money. Bail bonds are not reserved solely for those in the lower income bracket; bail bonds are available to anyone (even filthy rich celebrities use bail bonds). Irvine Bail Bond Store will help anyone who needs a bail bond and they will work with you to customize the payment plan so it is as comfortable for you as possible.

    Get your free consultation today by chatting with an Irvine Bail Bond Store representative online or on the phone at 714-648-0586.

    A Most Ideal Bail Bond Situation

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    In a perfect world, you will never have to pay for a bail bond, for yourself or for a loved one. No one in your circle gets in trouble with the law.

    In a slightly less than perfect world, you find yourself committing to paying for a bail bond. But in the perfect world of bail bonds, everything runs smoothly.

    • The payment plan you’ve been set up on agrees with your personal situation at home so that you are not left struggling financially.
    • The person the bail bond is for (you or another) has been going to court, staying out of trouble, spending more time at home with family, and taking this situation seriously and maturely.
    • All bail bond payments are paid on time.

    It might be strange to imagine that amid such a serious situation, the defendant and his or her loved ones are still able to smile, laugh, and have a good time. But it’s not so strange, really, because their bail process has been simplified and streamlined, thanks to their Irvine Bail Bond Store agent. Irvine Bail Bond Store gives these families a second chance at being a good, supportive family and it’s not about dwelling on this gloomy situation but rather taking advantage of these now precious moments. This is a most ideal bail bond situation.

    Irvine Bail Bond Store is here to help you and your family in need of a bail bond, so call us today at 714-648-0586 or chat with us online to get more information!

    What Is A “Bounty Hunter?”

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    For some reason, the “bounty hunters” only sound like they’re in movies and tv shows. Because of how they’re depicted in pop culture, it’s hard to imagine what they really are and do in real life.

    Well, in real life, bounty hunters work with bail bond companies when a defendant fails to show up for his or her court date. When the court notifies the bail bond company that a defendant has skipped court, for whatever reason, then the specific bail agent is on the line. This specific bail agent will need to pay off the full bail, but in an effort to avoid that loss, they will hire a bounty hunter to track the defendant down and return them to custody.

    Bounty hunters may travel across state lines to bring defendants back into court if they had fled. They don’t always (actually, rarely) work with the local law enforcement if they do not have to, but occasionally they must, according to the law, even if the law is rarely enforced.

    Irvine Bail Bond Store rarely needs to use bounty hunters but as a warning, cases have dwindled down to that every now and then. We truly hope that you, needing our bail bond services, will not betray us in this manner or take us for granted. We really are on your side to help!

    Talk Irvine Bail Bond Store more about bail bonds and we’ll talk to you about how we can help you best – chat with us online now or give us a call at 714-648-0586.