You Don’t Need Collateral Here


ollateral is not something that people get excited about. It adds an extra level of stress to what is already a stressful situation. Making a large financial commitment, such as posting someone’s bail, already costs a lot of money. Needing to pledge collateral only makes things worse. With collateral you have to worry about paying for the bail and losing something important if you miss a payment.

For those unaware, collateral is a type security for a loan. What this means is, that something of value equal to the loan in question, is pledged by the person getting the loan. If they fail to payback their loan, then the lender gets to keep whatever was pledged as repayment for the loan. It is easy to see how collateral can add extra stress to a person getting a loan.

Bailing someone out of jail can be stressful enough on its own without collateral. Yet plenty of bail bond companies require collateral on their bails. At Bail Bond Store in Anaheim, we do not need collateral on most of our bonds. All we need is the signature of a working co-signer. As long as we have that, we trust that our clients will pay off the bail bond.

This is just one of the ways we make bailing a friend or family member out of jail less stressful. We also break up the cost of the bail bond with personalized payment plans, and having our bail agents available to help you 24/7. You will never have to face a monstrously sized payment and you will never have to face bail alone.

Some of the other services we offer include:

• 20% Discount

• Phone approvals

• 0% Interest payment plans

• No hidden fees

• No collateral with working signer

• Se habla Español

Don’t make bailing a loved one out of jail more stressful by using a bail bond company that requires collateral. Instead make posting bail easy by coming to Bail Bond Store in Anaheim. Our agents will take care of you, and you will not have to risk losing your home or car to rescue a loved one from jail.

What are you waiting for? You can get a free consultation by calling (714) 648-0586or clicking Chat With Us now.

Being Thankful for Family and Bail

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Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. You have a ton of friends and family members surrounding you during this holiday season. You have a nice home. You have a steady job and your children are in good schools. Be thankful for all of that. These loving people are the ones you need to be most thankful for because they may be the ones to bail you out of jail and save all these other things you have to be thankful for.

If you cannot post bail, you cannot go home, go to work and receive paychecks, or pay for things for your family. Waiting for your trial to commence while in jail prevents you from so much, it is painful to think about.

If you cannot post bail on your own, reach out to close friends and family. Someone will step up and offer to help. To make it even easier, bring Anaheim Bail Bond Store on board and get a bail bond. This will cost 90% less than paying cash bail, and the Anaheim Bail Bond Store bail agent will make the whole process even easier, in general.

You have a ton to be thankful for here, do not miss your chance to show it to the ones you love. Anaheim Bail Bond Store can be reached online or at 714-648-0586.

Why You Should Know CA’s Gun Laws

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Would you be surprised if we told you that California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States? Gun control is always a hot subject, and it is one that will never please 100% of the people. The best you can do is educate yourself on the current gun laws in California. Even if you are not a gun-owner, knowing these laws can still be of use to you for your safety and the safety of others. Here are some laws you should know:

  • Background checks are required for anyone wishing to purchase a gun, which also includes a written test.
  • Guns must be purchased through state-licensed dealers.
  • The majority of assault weapons and .50 caliber rifles are illegal.
  • A person may only purchase one handgun per month.
  • There is a 10-day waiting period before a buyer can receive the gun.
  • All guns must be micro stamped, so when it is fired, a serial number attached to the gun and the owner is stamped onto the bullet and casing.
  • There is a Gun Violence Restraining order that keeps weapons out of the hands of dangerous people.
  • If a person believes a friend or family member, is planning to use their gun improperly or to inflict harm, they can report this to the police who will then confiscate the guns and investigate the claim.

You see how even just knowing these laws can be helpful? There are many other laws that you can read up on as well.

If you ever need bail help, Anaheim Bail Bond Store can help post the bail. We can be reached online or at 714-648-0586.

Domestic Violence Should Not Be Taken Lightly

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Domestic violence is a matter that is never taken lightly. This is violence that occurs within a familial or intimate relationship. It can be violence between lovers, spouses, or against children. It is a heartbreaking matter, a painful process to investigate, and a tough battle to overcome.

One of the biggest issues with dealing with domestic violence is the actual relationship between the two. Take a couple for example. The man hits the woman every so often. She insists it was her fault. That she shouldn’t have yelled at him. She loves him and she knows he loves her. She will not press charges, leave him, and she will stay with him. The people who feel pain in cases like these are victim, their family, and extended family members and friends who are aware of the situation. People are torn on all sides, knowing what is happening, yet not wanting to believe it to be true.

It should never be taken lightly or brushed off. If you know, or suspect, domestic abuse between loved ones, please alert the police and keep an eye on your loved one. At the very least, the police will look into it.

Now, if someone you know is arrested and eligible to post bail, and you can and want to help them, Anaheim Bail Bond Store can provide additional assistance with an affordable bail bond. We believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we believe in the right to bail.

We do not choose clients based on crime so do not hesitate to reach out to us at 714-648-0586 or by Chatting With Us online.

3 Reasons Anaheim Bail Bond Store Is The Best Bail Company In California

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Available 24/7
The police don’t wait 8 hours overnight before making an arrest. Hospitals don’t close emergency rooms until the next work day. So, why should Anaheim Bail Bond Store make you wait until the next business day before getting you a bail bond? We’re not here to waste anyone’s time or make anyone wait in jail longer than they need to.

Customized Payment Plans
Financial situations at home are different for everyone. We all have different necessities to pay for at different costs, and some may have more dependents than others. Plus, we don’t all have the same income. So we don’t expect every single person to be able to afford the same bail bond at the same payment plan rate. We will customize each payment plan as much as possible to fit your needs.

Reliable, Exceptionally Helpful Bail Agents
Anaheim Bail Bond Store boasts over 120 professional and licensed bail agents, each of whom is incredibly dedicated to the industry, this company, and our clients. Our agents are invested in each case, seeing clients through the whole processing, making sure it goes as smoothly as possible. More helpful and reliable bail agents can’t be found anywhere else in California – they’re here at Anaheim Bail Bond Store.

Find out for yourself how Anaheim Bail Bond Store can help you. Chat with one of our agents online or call us anytime at 714-648-0586. We won’t let you down!

First Time In Jail? Here’s What To Expect


Preparing to go to jail is never easy, especially when you don’t expect to get arrested. It’s terrifying, you’ve seen all the bad and scary stuff from television and movies. You feel like won’t survive. That’s not true at all. Don’t freak yourself out. It is best to remain calm and cooperative. Here are some pointers in case you ever need them:

  • Watch and listen to other inmates who you will be spending a little bit of quality time with (hopefully only a few hours, if we at Anaheim Bail Bond Store can help it). These are all different types of people you’re probably not used to and you’ll be quite chummy with them in close quarters. Take it easy.
  • Respect others but don’t let yourself to be walked over too. Have your own self-respect to stand up for yourself if needed.
  • Be careful not to touch anyone, even if by accident. Don’t touch their belongings either.
  • Don’t speak, let yourself in on someone else’s conversation unless you’re asked. It’s generally not the best idea.
  • Don’t snitch on another inmate.

These tips will probably not make you feel a little more relaxed about going to jail for the first time. Probably nothing will because anyone would be psyched out. Just try and remember what we said and apply them.

With our help, we’ll get you out of jail as soon as possible so you can breathe a sigh of relief. Our number at Anaheim Bail Bond Store is 714-648-0586 and we know exactly how to help you. We know jail is scary so we work as quickly as possible to get you out of there and back to you home safely!

If you want the best bail bonds service available in California, call Anaheim Bail Bond Store now at 714-648-0586.

Signs Of An Excellent Bail Bond Company


When you are in need of a bail agent, what should you expect from them?

  • Reliability and responsiveness.
  • Detailed information and thorough explanation of processes.
  • Professionalism and friendliness.

These are the top three things people look for from a bail business and fortunately, Anaheim Bail Bond Store in California covers them all.

While there are hundreds of bail companies out there itching to give you their business, not all are as up to standard as Anaheim Bail Bond Store is. Reputation is very important to Anaheim Bail Bond Store, which is why the company takes their customer service very seriously. No other bail company in California can boast as many satisfied clients as Anaheim Bail Bond Store – even companies who have been in the business longer!

Make an appointment with Anaheim Bail Bond Store today by calling 714-648-0586.

Your agent will happily explain everything you need to know and get started with paperwork very quickly so your loved one can be let out of jail as soon as possible. And should you have any questions or need your agent to re-explain something, do not hesitate to ask them – they will still work quickly while reviewing the information with you so that you know 100% what is going on. You’ll certainly see why Anaheim Bail Bond Store is the best in California!

Call Anaheim Bail Bond Store now at 714-648-0586 to see just how good we are.

Using Social Media To Find The Right Bail Company For You


Finding the bail bond company that will meet your needs best is stressful – and you’re already stressed at the prospect of this situation! You can ask around friends and family for a recommendation but chances are slim – they themselves most likely have never had to get help from a bail agent.

But today, social media has made it easier than ever to find bail companies and get an idea of how reliable they are based on client’s reviews.

First off, if a bail agency does not have any social media channels, they are likely not the best option. They are behind on the trend, shying away from a lot of potential business, and thus probably not the quickest, most passionate bunch of agents.

Great social media from a bail company could include information about bail and bail bonds, articles with advice and tips, former client testimonials, details of the company and the services they do and do not offer, and contact information. They will also maintain their social media periodically with new updates. This activity shows the company is hardworking and up-to-speed with current events and bail procedures. It also shows that they find it important for potential customers to understand everything.

Search on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites for a bail company that is the right partner for you. It might be a bit odd at first because you never thought you’d be in this position, but it sure is helpful and you will definitely find an answer to your stress.

Call Anaheim Bail Bond Store at 714-648-0586 now to get your FREE consultation.

How You Know You Can Trust Your Bail Agent

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The best bail agents will freely welcome and encourage you to ask them any and all questions, including ones that relate to their legitimacy; they will happily and willingly answer you. If they may seem uncomfortable with the questions, you might want to pass on them and continue your search. After all, your quality of service will is dependent on their professionalism.

Here are 3 pivotal questions to ask bail agents before hiring them:

  1. Can you show me your license? You need someone who is currently licensed and has no history of complaints. You need the best of the best, the most qualified of the most qualified.
  2. What do you charge? Know what you need to pay, before you pay. Double check there will be no hidden fees.
  3. Can I get that in writing? Don’t fall for scams or get stuck in clouded areas. Get a copy of all the paperwork you sign so that you can provide proof if you ever need to.

If you need a trustworthy bail agent in California, contact Anaheim Bail Bond Store or 714-648-0586. Do not be afraid to ask the above 3 questions, we will not be offended!

2 Ways To Post Bail

The standard process for when someone gets arrested goes as follows: they may post bail (as long as they are eligible for it; rarely is a defendant not eligible for bail) and return home.

Posting bail is done most commonly by one of two methods:

  1. Cash bail – posting the full bail amount in cash to the court.
  2. Bail bond – hiring a licensed bail agent whom you pay 10% of the bail to, and he or she will front the bail on your behalf in the form of a bond.

Both bail methods are carried out with the understanding that the defendant will appear in court when the judge asks him or her to. If they fail to oblige, the bail or bail bond will be forfeited, meaning the defendant will not get that money back. There could likely be additional consequences as well.

To get started on making your bail posting more affordable and easier, speak with an agent at Anaheim Bail Bond Store at 714-648-0586.

Bail Vs. Bail Bond Store: The Difference Between The Two

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A judge will set bail for an arrested individual during his or her bail hearing. This is money that will be paid to the court so the arrested individual can be released from custody. By posting bail, the arrested individual promises to return and stand before a judge when ordered. At the close of the trial, if the defendant met all terms asked of him or her, the bail money will be returned – it’s essentially an incentive for them to follow court ordered obligations because if they fail to show up, the court keeps the money.

A bail bond is an alternative to paying bail in full. Because bail is very expensive, many arrested individuals cannot meet that money on their own so they will hire a bail bondsman for their professional assistance, who will front the bail money in the form of a bond on behalf of the arrested individual. This bond is only a percentage of the full bail amount. The procedure after is the same – the defendant must reappear in court when ordered so the bail bond can be returned at the end of the trial, otherwise the bond is kept by the court.

Many people use these two terms interchangeably and confuse them as synonyms for each other but now that you know the difference you can better determine your financial situation and whether or not you can pay for bail on your own. If you cannot, do not hesitate to contact Anaheim Bail Bond Store at 714-648-0586. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of the situation – we work with you in full confidentiality and plus, most people cannot afford bail on their own and they shouldn’t have to!

Anaheim Bail Bond Store Helps Take Care of Your Loved One

  • Family-owned company
  • Bail agents available 24/7
  • Reliable
  • Over the phone approval
  • Every court, every jail
  • No hidden fees
  • 28 years of experience
  • Free consultations

We’re here to help in as many ways as we can, starting with helping you post bail. So, call us now! 714-648-0586

If Anyone Can Help You, It’s Us Anaheim Bail Bond Store

Anaheim Bail Bond Store

As a longstanding bail bond company in California, Anaheim Bail Bond Store is proud to serve anyone and everyone. We do not turn clients away because of their location, their financial situation, or the crime. We always find a way to help so they can be reunited with their loved one outside of jail. This is a family-owned business and you are our priority.

  • Speedy and professional service.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Low-monthly payment plans that fit your financial needs.
  • Zero interest.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Genuine care for each client.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • We travel to you.
  • State-wide service.
  • Credit cards accepted.
  • Online payment system.
  • 27 years in the business with the most experienced, friendly, and reliable agents.
  • More customer satisfaction than any other bail company.

To make an appointment, call 714-648-0586 or visit us online.