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● 24/7, state-wide availability in California
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● No interest
● No hidden fees
● Licensed, experienced bail agents
● Friendly, approachable, and reliable bail agents
● Free consultations
● Discounts available for qualifying individuals
● Accepts credit, debit, cash, and checks
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● Multilingual agents

When someone is in need of a bail bond in California, Orange County Bail Bond Store is the company you want on your side.

Get in touch with a bail agent from Orange County Bail Bond Store now and see what they can do for you.

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Preparing for When You Need Orange County Bail Bond Store

Orange County Bail Bonds

At some point, you may need to hire a bail bondsman. As much as you do not want to admit that you think your loved one is going to get arrested someday, you know it is very likely. So, you want to be as prepared as possible.

A bail bondsman will issue a bail bond for your loved one so that he or she can be released from jail. The bail bondsman will charge a premium, a fee for their services, which is 10% of the full bail amount. You will be allowed to pay off the premium over a set period of weeks or months, whatever you and the bail bondsman agree to. You will then need to make sure your loved one shows up for court.

That is the basic information on bail bonds that you need to know. We can go into deeper detail when you are ready to talk one-on-one and get the bail bond processed, or if you just want a consultation, free of charge.

We can be reached online or on the phone at 714-648-0586.

Learning How to Ask for Help Before It Is Too Late

Orange County Bail Bonds

Asking for help something many people wish they did, when it was already too late. Ultimately, not seeking help before it was too late could have spun from all kinds of reasons: being too proud, stubborn, embarrassed, or oblivious. Asking for help should not need complete defeat of the person. Asking for help, from the right people, is a good thing, because it shows that that person is willing to get better.

We think an overall consensus would be that most family and friends do not care who their loved one asks help from, just as long as they ask for it. So even if they approach strangers and/ or professionals in certain fields, it is perfectly acceptable. Friends and family will be relieved.

Frankly, those strangers and/ or professionals who are approached will be relieved too. Sure they may not know you personally, but they know the effort it takes for someone to come to them. It is a good sign. Trust us, Orange County Bail Bond Store, as we get this kind of thing all the time. People come to us for bail bond assistance as soon as they possibly can, once they know they need a bail bond. We work just as quickly to get this thing going for them and within a short period of time, their loved one is out of jail.

If you are in the position of needing a bail bond, please ask Orange County Bail Bond Store for help. We can be reached online or on the phone at 714-648-0586.

No Child, or Pet, Left Behind

Orange County Bail Bonds

The sun is starting to beat down on us here in Southern California and it sure feels nice when you are out at the beach or a park. However, it certainly does not feel nice when you are young child or pet locked inside a sealed car.

Each year we hear about deaths or near-deaths of a young child or pet because it was left in a locked car parked under the sun with no open windows. The parent, or pet owner, was probably making a quick stop at the store and did not feel the need to haul their child into the store for 10 minutes with them. However, they can be arrested for negligence, child endangerment, or accidental killing for leaving the child behind.

Granted, the majority of parents and/ or pet owners do not do this on purpose, either they truly thought nothing could go wrong in such a short amount of time, or it just never crossed their mind. Nonetheless, it still happens every year, and frankly, it takes only a few minutes for danger to start heating up in that car.

If you, or someone you know, has been arrested for something similar, please contact Orange County Bail Bond Store for help.

As long as the judge has granted bail, Orange County Bail Bond Store can help with a bail bond. We can be reached online or at 714-648-0586.

Orange County Bail Bond Store Predicts Your July 4th

Orange County Bail Bonds

There are only 2 more weeks until Independence Day. We are betting your weekend will consist of some combination of watching the first Independence Day movie at home, watching the new Independence Day movie in theaters, going to the beach, eating BBQ, having some alcohol, enjoying the company of friends and family members, and watching fireworks.

For us here at Orange County Bail Bond Store, our July 4th weekend will consists of a little bit of the above, and a lot of answering online chats and phone calls from people in sudden need of a bail bond. On one hand, we love to help loved ones get reunited so their fun times can continue. We work quickly and professionally because we understand your concern. On the other hand, we do not want to have to hear from you because we do not want your fun weekend to even have that obstacle. We want your July 4th weekend to be as simple as possible.

Nonetheless, you know you can count on Orange County Bail Bond Store now, July 4th, or whenever. We are available state-wide in California 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not be embarrassed or hesitant to contact us on July 4th. That is what we are here for and you will see how friendly and accommodating our team can be.

We can be reached online or at 714-648-0586.

How to Cope When Your Loved One Is in Jail

Orange County Bail Bonds

Learning that your loved one is in jail may be the second greatest heartbreak ever. However, your heartbreak will not have to last a lifetime. What is the best way to cope and mend the broken heart? Getting a bail bond from Orange County Bail Bond Store.

A bail agent from Orange County Bail Bond Store can double as your love doctor by not only bailing your loved one out of jail, but also by bringing you two back together. It might sound a bit cheesy, but we cannot find a single former client who would deny this. Being able to embrace your loved one right after they get out of jail is an amazing feeling that we hope not too many people ever have to go through. Even though they were only in jail for a few hours, it felt much longer than that. In jail, time does not seem to move at all, the walls are grey and dirty, and the people are not that great.

As soon as you know you need a bail bond, we urge you to call Orange County Bail Bond Store. We can get your loved one out of jail and back with you in just a few hours. We are reachable online via our chatroom, or on the phone by dialing (800) 793-2245. We will not let you down.

What to Know About Bail Bond Co-signing

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Being a bail bond co-signer requires a lot of responsibility, but even more trust. Many bail bonds require a co-signer. So, what does this job entail? Here are our answers to the most common bail bond cosigner-related questions we receive.

Question: Who can be a co-signer?
Answer: Anyone who the defendant can get to be a co-signer, can be one. This responsible adult must be in good standing with the law, meaning they cannot be in jail, and they must agree to be the co-signer; they cannot be forced.

Question: Does the co-signer do anything, besides sign the bail bond forms?

Answer: Most definitely. The co-signer is responsible for making sure the defendant shows up on time for all court appointments. If the defendant is responsible and goes to all of his or her court appointments without hesitation, that is great. However, if the defendant is thinking of skipping court or does not have transportation, it is up to the co-signer to sway them to go to court or arrange transportation.

Question: What if the defendant misses court, whether it was intentional or accidental?

Answer: Then the co-signer will have to pay the remainder of the bail, forfeit any collateral he or she may have pledged, and the bail bond will be terminated because the agreement was violated.

Question: So, the co-signer gets the short end of the stick, and it is not smart to agree to be a cosigner, even if the defendant insists there will not be any problem?

Answer: No. Co-signers have rights. They may withdraw their name from the bail bond at any time if they grow concerned that the defendant will be troublesome. The co-signer faces no penalty. The defendant will be taken back into custody unless he or she can find a new co-signer.

Still have questions? We at Orange County Bail Bond Store have the answers.

Feel free to Chat With Us online or call us at 714-648-0586 any time to get your questions answered, to get a free consultation, or to begin the bail bond process.

Do Not Blow Up Your 4th of July Weekend

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You know how when a person is told they cannot do something or they cannot have something, it makes them want to do it or have it even more? It applies to fireworks too. They look extremely fun to set off and we are sure they are, for the licensed professionals. However, they are also dangerous, quite a few people get injured every year playing with fireworks.

“Safe and Sane Fireworks” are <em>legal</em> to purchase and have at private July 4 celebrations. They can only be purchased during a short period each year: June 28th to July 6th.

“Dangerous Fireworks” are the fireworks you were probably really hoping for. These ones cannot be purchased for your own <em>parties</em>; these are reserved only for the large official shows.

Even with Safe and Sane Fireworks you need to play with caution. Obviously, be outside. Stay away from trees, bushes, and electrical lines. Follow the directions on the packaging and do not point them at others.

<em>Violations</em> of fireworks usage and safety can cost you; financially, timely, and emotionally. orange county Bail Bond Store will be there with you to bail someone you know out of jail, if you need us. We offer low monthly rate payment plans for our<em> bail</em> bonds and we work quickly without wasting any time.

<h3>Contact us anytime, 24/7, online or at <a href=”tel:714-648-0586″>714-648-0586</a>.</h3>



Orange County Bail Bond Store Will Be Your Savior

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Orange County Bail Bond Store can be the savior you never knew you had on your side until now. If there is anyone who can get you, or your loved one, out of one of jail, it is the Orange County Bail Bond Store team. You may not be able to rely on many people to do this for you, but you can certainly rely on the bail agents at Orange County Bail Bond Store.

Bail is expensive, and some people may not be able to offer much financially. Others close to you may believe that you ought to get yourself out of this mess because they are disappointed or angry with you. Some will not want to be involved at all. That might not leave you with much. Maybe a handful of friends and family members who can assist financially, and offer more with their emotional support. The strongest team behind you is Orange County Bail Bond Store.

You can learn all about Orange County Bail Bond Store and how they can offer you low monthly rates on your bail bond. Learn what bail bonds are all about and how easy it is to get your loved one out of jail with one. Connect with an Orange County Bail Bond Store professional, online or on the phone at 714-648-0586.

Jail or Bail – How Hard Is The Decision?

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Once you have been arrested, you have 2 choices: jail, or Orange County Bail Bond Store. Picking the right choice should be a no-brainer:

Jail is overcrowded with other recently arrested individuals and individuals serving a short-term sentence following their arrest. Some of these people will be dangerous and intimidating criminals. There is little to do to pass your time in jail and the food is not great. You will not get a comfortable place to rest and you will not have much space to move around. In jail, you are only allowed limited and monitored visits and conversations with loved ones. There is no privacy.

Orange County Bail Bond Store
Orange County Bail Bond Store is a trusted California bail bonds company that is able to get you out of jail with a bail bond that costs only 10% of your full bail. You are paired with a licensed, friendly bail agent who will be with you through the whole process to make this as simple as possible. Once you bail out of jail with Orange County Bail Bond Store, you are free to return home to live with your family and go back to work or school. You will be surrounded by familiarity and love, which is exactly what you need.

The latter is obviously more appealing, is it not? So anytime you are in such a predicament, whether for yourself or someone you love, contact Orange County Bail Bond Store. Chat With Us or call 714-648-0586 now.

Orange County Bail Bond Store Protects Your Rights

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One might think that someone who is arrested for breaking the law and committing a crime is automatically stripped of their rights. It seems fairly logical – proper punishment, right? Wrong. People who have broken the law and gotten arrested may lose some rights, but not all. They still have rights, which they can use to protect themselves in case they are incriminating themselves, or the police are abusing their authority.

The most well-known rights arrestees have are the Miranda Rights. The Miranda Rights reminds arrestees that they have the right to remain silent – anything they say can be used against them in court. They also have the right to an attorney, whether court-appointed or privately hired.

In addition to Miranda Rights, most arrested people will have the right to bail. Some arrested individuals accused of committing very serious crimes or deemed a high flight risk, will be denied bail. Every person who is eligible for bail is encouraged to post it. Do not let a very high bail be a reason to not post bail. Here at Orange County Bail Bond Store, we make it a point to get every client out of jail with a low-cost bail bond. We help people who have bail set at $10,000 and people who have bail set $100,000. No matter the cost, Orange County Bail Bond Store will find a way to help.

Learn more about Orange County Bail Bond Store by Chatting With Us or calling 714-648-0586. We are available to serve all of California 24/7, and we will even provide you with a free consultation. We are here to help protect the rights of you and your loved one, so let us help you.

Quality Service, Affordable Cost

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In California, there is one bail bonds company who you can trust 100% to get the job done, and that is Orange County Bail Bond Store. Our family-owned company has been at the top of the bail bond industry. Half of the success comes from the services we offer, and the ability to accommodate people in all kinds of legal and financial situations. The other half comes from the customer service experience you receive with the helpful bail agent assigned to your case.

⦁ Open 24/7
⦁ State-wide assistance
⦁ Customized, low monthly rate payment plans
⦁ No hidden fees
⦁ No interest
⦁ Available financing
⦁ Discounts for qualifying individuals
⦁ Friendly and reliable bail agents
⦁ Confidential and fast service

At Orange County Bail Bond Store, you are promised excellent customer care and fast work, for a price that you can afford. For us, it is all about getting you and your family members back together, not the money. Contact us today for a free consultation by Chatting With Us online or giving us a call at 714-648-0586.