How You Know It’s Buena Park Bail Bond Store

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Your Best Bet Is at Orange County Bail Bond Store

There are plenty of bail bond companies in California who can provide you with the basic level of bail bond service needs, but honestly, your best bet is with the likes of Orange County Bail Bond Store. What makes them really stand out among the rest, is their employees. How each employee is invested in the work they do and

The Basics of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are the more ideal route to bailing out of jail compared to cash bail for most people. The bail amount is determined by the judge at the arraignment hearing and the amount dictates the cost of the bail bond, which will be 10% of the bail. The defendant, or someone on their behalf, must contact Orange County Bail

How California Bail Works

For defendants, there is a price for freedom and that price can be very low, a few hundred dollars, extremely high, one million dollars, or anywhere in between. Freedom is what America is all about, so who gets to put a price on freedom for defendants? And how is that amount determined for each person? The price for freedom for

What To Expect With Orange County Bail Bond Store Service

How many bail bond companies do you know that serves the entire state of California with over 165 licensed and experienced agents? Orange County Bail Bond Store Service is an impressive company with outstanding customer satisfaction rates and testimonials. Unlike other bail companies, we won’t turn you away for being too far from our offices. In fact, we can go