Common Bail Conditions


Many people assume that money is the only thing connected to bail, but that’s not always the case. While it’s true that you won’t be released from jail until you have either posted your own bail or arranged for a bail bond, it’s not uncommon for a judge to add conditions to the bail. The interesting thing about the conditions judges add to bail is that these conditions don’t impede your ability to be released. Still, they impact your ability to stay out of jail and affect your overall quality of life.

Conditions Connected To Your Bail Bond

There are a couple of different reasons judges connect conditions to bail. In the past, the main reason for bail conditions was to protect society, particularly the alleged victims and witnesses, from retribution from defendants. While that is still a concern of judges, another reason they do not add conditions to the bail is that it allows them to set a slightly lower bail.

Conditions judges commonly include in a bail deal include the following:

  • Mandatory check-ins are during which the defendant must routinely meet with pre-trial service officers.
  • Not allowing the defendant to travel outside a set jurisdiction.
  • A sober living condition is often attached to cases involving drug or alcohol abuse. When this restriction is attached to a bail agreement, the defendant must often submit to spontaneous drug tests.
  • Required no-contact orders in cases where the judge feels there is a chance the defendant could threaten victims or witnesses involved in the case. This is quite common in domestic abuse and assault cases.
  • Required surrender of weapons is often used in cases involving weapon charges, drug-related crimes, and even assault cases. If the defendant is found innocent of the charges, the weapons will be returned. The same is true if they’re found guilty, provided the charges aren’t crimes where a conviction results in a permanent weapons ban.
  • Electronic monitoring is commonly used in cases where the judge is concerned that the defendant is a flight risk. Electronic monitoring is used both to ensure that the defendant is precisely where they are supposed to be while out on bail and to make sure they aren’t physically near anyone they’ve been ordered to have no contact with.

If conditions are connected to your bail, you must diligently follow them to the letter. The slightest bending of the restrictions will result in your bail getting revoked and additional charges potentially getting filed against you.

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