It Is Illegal To Leave a Child Unattended in a Hot Car!

Bail Bond Store in Orange County

It keeps getting hotter and we cannot stress enough how criminal it is to leave a young child or a pet locked in a hot car! While you may only be running into the store or house for a few minutes, take your child with you and roll down the windows for your pet! A few minutes in a locked, hot car can be deadly. You can be arrested for endangerment and cruelty, even if you did not mean any harm.

Also, if another person notices a child and or pet in a sealed, locked car, and it’s very hot outside, they have the right to break the windows to let in some air: just for your information in case you also really care about the well-being of your vehicle too.

Please remind friends and family about the dangers and legality, (it is illegal) of leaving a young child unattended, in a sealed, hot car. The last thing anyone wants is an accidental death at the hands of a genuinely well-meaning, but irresponsible parent.

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