Do Not Make Your Loved One Miss Father’s Day

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Even if your Father’s Day is interrupted with the news that someone in your family has been arrested, you can still make the day a good one. It just will not happen the way you had planned.

No one in your family should be missing out on Father’s Day, or any day for that matter, by sitting in jail waiting for trial. If the judge has granted bail, then the defendant and their loved ones should do all they can to help them post bail. This time they get after bailing out of jail is more important than ever, because eventually they will have to appear for their trial, and there is no telling what the final verdict will be.

Get bail support from a bail bond company like Orange County Bail Bond Store, especially if you cannot afford cash bail and want to get your loved one home as fast as possible. Bail bonds are generally the more commonly used method to post bail. Rather than paying 100% of the bail before the defendant can be released, families can get a payment plan and end up paying only 10% of the full bail amount, after the defendant is released from custody. As you can imagine, this is less stressful for most people. This is due to the fact that they do not need access to as much money, and their loved one can be released sooner.

There are additional requirements for a bail bond, which the Orange County Bail Bond Store agent will go over with you before you even sign anything. Orange County Bail Bond Store is a true and honest company, just wanting to make sure you are aware of everything before committing.

Although learning a family member has been arrested would ruin Father’s Day, the last thing a Father would want is to make this person wait in custody any longer. Whether you need a bail bond at 2 PM or at 3 AM, on a weekday, or a national holiday, contact Orange County Bail Bond Store.

Do I Get My Money Back After Paying for a Bail Bond?

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One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked here at Orange County Bail Bond Store is if the premium, the money the client pays to us, gets returned at the end of the case. “But, money for a cash bail is refunded!” Well, there is a difference between cash bail and bail bonds. There are also stipulations for getting that cash bail money back.

Cash Bail
When paying cash bail, the defendant and their loved ones pay the cash bail directly to the court. They pay the full bail amount, and no bail bond agent is involved whatsoever. In order for them to get their money back at the end of trial, the defendant would have to be compliant with all of his or her release terms and conditions and show up for court as scheduled. Even then, some of the money may be kept to pay for different court fees. If something goes wrong, this money may not be refunded.

Bail Bonds
When the defendant and his or her loved ones hire a bail agent, they get this person to help them through the entire bail bond process. A bail bond will cost only 10% of the full bail amount, but this 10%, called the premium, is not refunded in the end, even if the defendant obeys all of his or her release terms and conditions and shows up in court because the premium is considered payment for the bail agent’s services.

The reason why bail bonds are still a more common method to bailing out of jail is due to the flexible payment plan. The 10% is paid off over an extended period of time. Cash bail must be paid in full before the defendant can be released. Overall, bail bonds provide financial flexibility and ease.

We here at Orange County Bail Bond Store are very understanding of each person’s own situation. We are flexible and customize payment plans to fit clients’ budgets. We work with them to find a way to help everyone who needs our help.

Contact us today online or at 714-648-0586.

Common Bail Bond Related Terms and What They Mean

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To most of you, the bail bond industry is probably a bunch of mumbo and jumbo that you don’t really understand. You hope you will never need to know anything about it, but for some of you, that will not be the case. Some of you will eventually find yourself wrapped up in the middle of it in one way or another. Maybe you were arrested, or maybe your best friend was. Whatever the case, you are involved and now need to know some important details. Here are some important bail bond related terms, and what they mean.

Bail: When a defendant is arrested, they are given bail, which is an amount of money they must pay in order to be released from jail.

Cash Bail: Cash bail is a way of paying bail where the defendant, and/ or anyone on his or her behalf, pays the full bail amount, in cash, to the court. The full amount must be paid in order for the defendant to be released, and this cash may be refunded at the end of trial.

Bail Bond: Bail bonds are another way of paying for bail, where the defendant, and/ or anyone on his or her behalf, hires a bail agent, who issues a bail bond. It costs 10% of the full bail amount and is paid over multiple installments. The payments continue to be made after the defendant is released from custody, but this 10%, called the premium, is not refunded.

Own Recognizance: Occasionally, a judge will grant own recognizance release to a defendant. This means he or she does not need to pay any money to be released. They are not considered a flight risk, are honest, and it is believed they will obey their release terms and conditions.

These are the basics to know about bail bonds. Once you know what bail and release method you will be using, then you will figure out what else you need to know after that.

A bail agent from Orange County Bail Bond Store can help you with all of that and get you the affordable bail bond that you need. Orange County Bail Bond Store can be reached 24/7, both online, and on the phone at 714-648-0586.

Strangers Are Friends and Allies

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Have you ever felt that talking to a stranger would be more therapeutic than talking to your parents or best friend? Your parents and best friend may be the people who know you best, but if you are confiding some pretty deep stuff with them, they may be a bit judgmental. The advice and feedback they have to offer might not be good enough.

Opening up to a stranger is a completely different experience. They have no idea who you are, your history, or your habits. They do not have a preconceived notion to judge around. They have a more open mind and can find feedback in places parents and friends might not look. They have a 100% outside opinion, and this could be the most helpful to you.

We are not saying that if you are in trouble you should ignore your loved ones completely. Still include them, but be open to idea of welcoming outside help and advice as well. It can be very healthy and helpful.

For example, needing a bail bond to be released from jail. A professional bail agent, someone who is a stranger to you, would be able to offer more constructive insight. They explain how bail works and why you deserve and benefit from this. Friends and family are not usually versed in the bail bond industry, so all they know is that they want you home, but how will they get you home? What is the process once you are home, and what can they do to help? That is stuff they need to figure out on their own, but until then, let Orange County Bail Bond Store be the one to get you out of jail.

Talk to an Orange County Bail Bond Store bail agent online, or at 714-648-0586 to learn more about the bail bond industry. You should have loved ones sit in on these conversations too. Unified fronts are the strongest, input from all sides is best.

Stop Sharing Netflix Passwords Now

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To all of you out there who use Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, or other subscription streaming sites, you better stop sharing accounts with friends and family members. It is now officially a crime to share passwords. Common sense would have told you that it is wrong to use a friend’s account that he or she is paying for so you would not have to. Now the law is telling you it is wrong.

Who do you have to blame for this? Someone who actually got in trouble for something unrelated to Netflix and Hulu. This man was actually caught sharing private information from a company he had just left. Somewhere in his case, Netflix got involved, and now Netflix is getting the most attention.

Before you get caught for sharing accounts, change your passwords or get your own account.

If, for some bizarre reason, you end up in jail because you refused to stop using your neighbor’s account, Orange County Bail Bond Store will help bail you out of jail. The chances of actually getting arrested are slim but, we have seen some pretty bizarre stuff.

Orange County Bail Bond Store can be reached online or at 714-648-0586.

Jail – Not the Halloween Scare You Are Looking For

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If you are really trying to scare someone this Halloween, getting arrested and thrown in jail will definitely do the trick. It will be cruel, but it will certainly give your friends and family members a scare. One that should be mended as quickly as possible.

Orange County Bail Bond Store can help you or your loved ones get out of jail quickly, within hours of your arraignment. Bail bonds are an easier way of getting defendants released from jail than cash bail because they are set up on a payment system. That means that payments are split up and spread out over months. The defendant is released from jail as soon as the paperwork is signed; he or she does not have to wait until the final payment has been made. However, for cash bail, 100% of the bail amount needs to be paid before the defendant can be released. Did we mention that in total, a bail bond costs 90% less than cash bail?

Get yourself, or your loved one, home in time for the real Halloween trickery and fun. Call Orange County Bail Bond Store at 714-648-0586 or chat with a representative online anytime.

Don’t Over-Spook Your Child!

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Giving your children a spooky fun Halloween is exactly what you want to do, but scaring them by getting taken away and put into jail is not the way to go. Even if they don’t understand how very serious it is, depending on how old they are, this is not something you want them to remember; they will remember that confusion, and they will remember the fact that you weren’t there to take them trick or treating.

The best way to avoid all that is to obviously not get arrested in the first place. Think before you speak and act. Don’t be selfish; consider who else might be affected. But if you speak and/ or act too fast and you do end up in jail, then what you want to do is get in touch with Orange County Bail Bond Store, or have someone on your behalf get in touch with us. We absolutely promise to bail you out of jail as quickly as possible.

Our company is family-owned and operated so trust us, we know just how important family is. Being there for your children even on uneventful days is just as important as being there for them for their birthdays and holidays. Every day counts; we will get you out of jail as quickly as possible so you can return home to take care of them, and take them trick or treating in their awesome costume.

Orange County Bail Bond Store can be reached online or at 714-648-0586.

Everyday Is Important. Bail Out Today.

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As a new parent, you probably learned that being there for your child as they grow up is absolutely critical to how they develop and the person they become. Even being absent momentarily can leave a little bit of an unwanted mark. Being around for your child’s everyday routines is just as important as being there for major holidays, their birthdays, their dance recitals and sports games. You should never make your child miss you and think that you don’t love them.

Getting serious… we’re talking about jail. Obviously you should never let commit a crime and get arrested. But not everyone is perfect and some parents do end up in jail. And if this is you or someone you know, do your absolute best to bail out of jail as quickly as possible so that your young child might not even realize that you’ve been missing abnormally long.

Orange County Bail Bond Store is readily available to help you and your loved one bail out of jail; we’re here to help you reunite with your family. We offer affordable bail bonds with customizable payment plans to fit your financial situation.

Please contact us online or on the phone at 714-648-0586 to learn more about how exactly we can help you!

Orange County Bail Bonds Is The Name You Want To Remember

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The number for Orange County Bail Bond Store is 714-648-0586. You might want to remember that (and the company’s name) next time you have a run-in with the cops. This time, you got away or got off easy. But next time they may not be so forgiving and you may not get so lucky. Next time you just might be formally arrested.

Now obviously we hope that doesn’t come true. But there are people who just can’t help but have reunions with cops. And we just want to make sure you’re prepared ahead of time.

If you are ever arrested (or someone you know is), you can get bail help from Orange County Bail Bond Store. But of course, you or someone on your behalf will need to get in touch with Orange County Bail Bond Store first – that’s where remember the name and/ or number of the company will come in handy. The sooner you get in touch with Orange County Bail Bond Store, the sooner you can get out of jail. This company offers affordable bail bonds with customizable payment plans. You might not have to be solely responsible for paying for the bail bond either; your loved ones may agree to pitch in too.

So again, Orange County Bail Bond Store is the name of the bail bond company you want on your side. 714-648-0586 is their number. And if you’re in the position of needing the bail bond for someone else, you can also reach the company online through their chat portal. They absolutely won’t let you down!

Rights And Wrongs To Bail Bonds

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There is a right and a wrong way to bail bonds, just FYI. The wrong way is to go with the first company you come across without doing anymore research. The wrong way is to go with a bail bond agent who will take advantage of your desperation, vulnerability, and little knowledge of how the bail bond process works.

The right way is to get a feel of a few different bail bond companies out there who can help you. You want to find out what they offer you, how much they’ll charge, and their reputation (maybe look for customer reviews). One very helpful thing to look for: if they offer free consultations. This will give you a good idea of how the bail bond company works.

To get you started in your search for a bail bond company (if and when you ever need one), check out Orange County Bail Bond Store. This is one of California’s most popular bail bond companies, in the business for nearly 30 years.

They do offer free consultations and from what we’ve heard, they’re pretty darn good. Give them a call at 714-648-0586 or chat with a representative online!

The Truth About Orange County Bail Bond Store

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The truth about bail bonds is that for anyone out on bail through a bail bond is more likely to abide by their release terms, conditions, and agreements. They’re more likely to show up for their court dates. They’re more likely to meet all bail bond payment deadlines. They’re more likely to enroll and complete guidance sessions or community service. Why? Because they are well aware that loved ones are literally putting money down for them, banking on their belief that the defendant is a good and honest person who made this one mistake and is not a repeat offender. The defendant knows that loved ones are putting their money, assets, and good word at risk, all for them and the trouble they caused. Their loved ones aren’t obligated to offer this generous service, but they’re doing it.

Orange County Bail Bond Store also believes the good in defendants and believes in their right to bail. We won’t hesitate to help with that part, no matter who the defendant is and what they were arrested for.

We provide free consultations and can answer any and all questions you may have, even if you don’t currently need a bail bond just yet. Or if you do need one, we’ll definitely get started on papers immediately so that your loved one can come home as soon as possible.

Either way, we can be reached 24/7 online and at 714-648-0586.

The Police Will Arrest You, And Protect You

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It’s hard to believe that in the moment a person is being arrested by the police, the police are also reading them Miranda Rights to remind them of their rights so they can protect themselves from the police and prosecution later on, so they are not taken advantage of.

The Miranda Rights says that an arrested person has the right to remain silent, meaning they do not have to answer any questions they do not want to. They also have the right to an attorney if they wish to hire one. If they cannot hire one, one will be appointed to them to represent them in court – and make sounder judgments and advice.

The police must read all defendants their Miranda Rights – not every arrestee may know that they have these rights. Historically, defendants would admit guilt to a crime out of coercion by prosecution and investigators – and it could be a false admission. They would just admit to a crime to stop the hard interrogation methods.

But as much as you might think the police are only “out to get people,” they still are out to PROTECT people, including those who they arrest.

We at Orange County Bail Bond Store are here to help arrested individuals protect their rights too, their right to bail. Learn more about bail bonds and how they can get you, or a loved one, out of jail. Speak with one of our friendly and professional reps online or at 714-648-0586.