Aggravated Mayhem in California

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Aggravated mayhem might sound like it’s shenanigans that get out of hand, but that’s not the reality. According to California law, aggravated mayhem is, “intentionally causing someone a permanent disability or disfigurement, or to deprive the person of a limb, organ or member of the body.” A charge of aggravated mayhem in California is similar to aggravated battery or torture.

It’s important for everyone involved in an aggravated mayhem case to remember that the victim has to have been either disabled or disfigured during the alleged incident. Legally speaking, there’s a huge difference between an injury that will eventually heal and a lifelong disfigurement. If doctors determine that the victim didn’t sustain injuries that will leave them permanently disabled or disfigured, the charges against you will have to be altered.

It’s worth noting that a charge of aggravated mayhem can be filed if the victim suffers severe psychological damage.

Consequences of Aggravated Mayhem in California

Aggravated mayhem is not a wobbler offense. It’s always a felony offense.

It’s also worth noting that legal consequences aren’t the only problem you face in an aggravated mayhem case. The victim can also choose to file a civil lawsuit against you. The victim can file a civil case against you even if the DA drops the charges or a jury finds you not guilty.

A guilty conviction of aggravated mayhem can include:

  • •Fines of more than $10,000
  • •Life in prison with the possibility of parole

Possible Aggravated Mayhem Defenses

If you’ve been charged with aggravated mayhem, you’ll want a good criminal defense lawyer in your corner, and you’ll want their legal advice as soon as you’re arrested. You don’t want to accidentally say something that jeopardizes your defense.

Potential arguments you can use to defend yourself in an aggravated mayhem case include:

  • •That the injuries the victim sustained weren’t permanent
  • •That the prosecutor can’t show probable cause
  • •You didn’t intend to injure the victim

Putting together a solid defense in aggravated mayhem cases takes a lot of time and investigation so find a good attorney as quickly as possible.