Child Support Payments will not Affect Visitation Rights

orange county bail bonds

orange county bail bonds

For individuals who pay child support to their former partner, losing visitation rights is actually not an immediate and direct consequence if the individual fails to make their payments. These are completely separate court matters.

However, what can happen if one fails to make their child support payments is that they can be arrested, a lien can be placed on their property, their employer can be ordered to withhold an amount of the paycheck and pay it directly to the court or the individual’s former partner, and they can be slapped with fines, just to name a few consequences.

If the individual is arrested, they may be eligible to post bail; they will learn this at an arraignment hearing. If they are eligible to post bail, then perhaps the best method to doing so is utilizing a bail bond from Balboa Pier Bail Bond Store. Bail bonds are more affordable because payment plans are provided. This gives the defendant more breathing room to simultaneously pay the bail bond and the child support payments. They do not want to fail at either, this time around.

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