Did You Know Bail Bonds Do Not Have To Be Paid All at Once?

orange county bail bonds

orange county bail bonds

Many people think that they cannot bail their loved one out of jail because it is too expensive. They do not realize a bail bond makes bailing a loved one out of jail much more affordable. With a bail bond, not only are you getting a huge, but you also have to ability to pay it off on a payment plan.

With a payment plan, you will have to make one larger initial payment, and then continue to make smaller payments every month after. This greatly reduces how much you need to pay at once to get your loved one out of jail. No matter what size your payments are, your loved one will be released from jail after the initial payment has been received.

Between the fact that a bail bond only costs 10% of your loved one’s bail, and that you can make payments on that smaller amount, you will be able to bail out your loved one. Now you know that you can afford to bail your loved one out of jail, especially if you come to Bail Bond Store in Orange County.

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