Do You Know What a Co-Signer Is?

orange county bail bonds

orange county bail bonds

A co-signer is an important part of the bail bond process, so you should probably know what one is. A co-signer is someone who wants to bail their friend or family member out of jail. He or she will be signing the contract for the bail bond.

What this means, is that the co-signer will be responsible for his or her loved one after he or she has been released from jail. If your loved one fails to make it to his or her court appearances, then you, the co-signer, will be held responsible.

A co-signer is taking a huge responsibility for their loved one, but it can be worth it. You get to get your loved one out of jail, and with the right co-signers, you can even get a discount. That is why co-signers are so important to the bail bond process.

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