Tips for Having a Successful Graduation Party

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Graduation season is here! It doesn’t matter if you or a loved one is graduating from high school, college, or trade school, the fact a graduation is taking place is the perfect excuse for a party. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you’re graduation party is fun for everyone.

Make Sure Everyone is on the Same Page

It doesn’t matter if you are the person graduating or if you’re handling the party for a loved one who is graduating, make sure everyone is on the same page. Is a party something you’re really interested in? Do you want a traditional graduation party in the backyard that lasts for hours, or would you prefer a smaller, more intimate event that simply involves going out to dinner with some of your favorite people? Make sure everyone involved in the planning process is on the same page about what they want and what their expectations are.

Start Planning Early

The biggest mistake some people make is not starting the graduation party planning soon enough. Start setting dates, sending out invitations, and deciding if you need to do things like rent yard furniture, hire a venue, or arrange for catering well in advance. It’s far better to push the graduation party back a few months than to try to throw something together at the last minute.

Formally Invite Your Favorite People

While there’s nothing wrong with posting party information on social media sites, you should also plan on sending out formal invitations. Not only do the formal invitations make it easier for people who don’t use the same social media sites as you to know about the upcoming graduation and party, but formal invitations also make some people feel more special and increase the likelihood that they will come. The other perk connected to formal invitations is that individuals who get the are good about RSVPing which makes party planning easier.

Pay Attention to the Timing

Traditionally, graduation parties are held shortly after the graduation takes place, but sometimes tradition isn’t the best policy. Take a look at the obligations your family and friends have and explore whether there may be a better time, maybe a few months down the road when more people could attend and enjoy the graduation party.

The most important key to a fun graduation party is to not get so wrapped up in the idea of getting it perfect, that you don’t give yourself the time needed to really enjoy the experience.